About HEP Builder

HEP Builder PlatformHEP Builder is a quick and easy home exercise program creator for healthcare professionals. It was created by Doctor Jo, a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy. 
HEP Builder is 100% web-based and is easily accessible from any modern web browser. You always have access to the most up-to-date version of the software, and there are no expensive modules you have to purchase in order to get access to a certain set of exercises. You get access to the entire HEP Builder library from day one.
HEP Builder is Quick and Easy to Use
Since it’s entirely web-based, HEP Builder can be accessed from any computer with a modern web browser. Creating a new HEP is a simple 4 step process. Watch a demo video.

1. Select the desired area of the body for a listing of exercises, or use the Search feature to find exercises even faster. You can also search by diagnosis in the search box.

2. Preview the exercises by clicking the magnifying glass icon, and/or add them to the HEP by clicking the plus icon.

3. Preview your HEP to make sure everything looks good.

4. Print and/or email the HEP to your patient.

Multiple Pricing Options... Including FREE!

HEP Builder has multiple pricing options to fit your needs. We even have a FREE option that's supported by ads. PRO accounts, which allow for more customization and do not have ads, are great for individual professionals and clinics who would like more control over how their HEPs look. See pricing options.

HEP Builder has Consistent Quality and High Production Values

To maintain the quality and integrity of HEP Builder, Doctor Jo creates the descriptions, photos and videos for each exercise in our library. All videos are presented in clear HD with high quality sound. And since Doctor Jo is also the "model" for all of the exercises, your patients get accurate demos from a licensed Physical Therapist presented in a friendly and conversational way, not from someone that's been told what to do and smiles uncomfortably or from stick figures that are impossible to decipher.

HEP Builder is Customizable When You Upgrade to the PRO Version

  • Brand your HEPs with your company logo, name, email address, phone number or whatever you like.
  • Can’t find an exercise you need? Just request it using our contact form. We’ll get Doctor Jo to perform the exercise and promptly add it to HEP Builder.
  • Edit any exercise description to fit your individual patient’s needs.
  • Save frequently used HEPs for one button HEP creation in the future.

Help Is There When You Need It

HEP Builder is incredibly quick and easy to use, but if you ever get stuck and our demo videos don’t do the trick, just shoot us a message. We’ll provide a prompt response.
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