Demo Videos

All demo videos feature the PRO version of HEP Builder. Some of the features shown are not available in the FREE version.

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Quickly Build a Home Exercise Program in 4 Simple Steps!

In this video:

  • See how quickly you can build a Home Exercise Program in HEP Builder with 4 simple steps!

In-Depth Walkthrough of Building a HEP

In this video:

  • Building a Home Exercise Program
  • Search for specific exercises
  • Previewing exercises before adding them
  • Rearranging the order of selected exercises
  • Adding or removing video links and QR Codes
  • Changing HEP image size
  • Making just one exercise fit on a page
  • Editing an exercise's description
  • Printing or emailing a HEP
  • Saving a HEP for future use

Managing Your HEP Builder Account Details

In this video:

  • Accessing your account details
  • Updating your contact information
  • Changing your password
  • Uploading your company's logo so it will show up on the HEPs
  • Adding your contact information to a HEP
  • Subscription details at a glance
  • Contacting HEP Builder staff with questions

Changing a HEP's Image Size

In this video:

  • How to put one large image and large text on a page (great for older patients or skilled nursing facilities)
  • Changing image sizes: small, medium & large

Adding Specific Notes to a HEP

In this video:

  • How to add a note to a HEP for your patient
  • Great for reminding patients of an upcoming appointment, patient-specific information, or other post care information

Contacting HEP Builder From Within the Software

In this video:

  • How to contact HEP Builder from within the software if you have a question about how to do something in HEP Builder or a question about your account
  • Also use this feature to request new exercises you would like us to add to HEP Builder


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