About Doctor Jo

Doctor JoHEP Builder was created by Doctor Jo. Doctor Jo is a Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy. You may recognize her from her popular Ask Doctor Jo YouTube Channel which has more than 250 million views and more than 2 million subscribers.

Doctor Jo’s experience and background are in a variety of settings, but her clinical interests center on aquatic therapy, orthopedics, and neurological rehabilitation. As a former collegiate athlete, Doctor Jo also understands the physical demands of high-level patients.

Like many of you, Doctor Jo has become frustrated because more and more often healthcare professionals, especially in the therapy field, are getting road blocked by insurance caps, limited visits, and very high co-pays for patients. Sometimes there is just not enough time to give all the instruction a patient truly needs.

This frustration is one of the reasons she created HEP Builder. By giving therapists the ability to provide their patients with clear and easy-to-follow home exercise programs, Doctor Jo hopes that therapists will be able to help patients better progress through their recoveries not only in the best situations, but also when time or resources are limited.

In addition to helping patients receive better care, she also wanted to make the often time-consuming task of creating home exercise programs simple and fast. She truly believes that if you can’t create a HEP, explain it to your patient, and still have time to run to the bathroom and grab a drink of water before the next patient arrives, then HEP Builder has failed to live up to our expectations.