Create HEPs in 4 Easy Steps!

Create HEPs in 4 steps

HEP Builder was designed with simplicity in mind, and it allows you to create basic, high-quality home exercise programs for FREE. If you can’t create a HEP, explain it to your patient, and still have time to run to the bathroom and grab a drink of water before the next patient arrives, then we've failed to live up to your expectations.

Creating a new HEP is a simple 4 step process. Watch a demo video.

  1. Select the desired area of the body for a listing of exercises, or use the search box to find exercises even faster. You can also search by diagnosis in the search box.
  2. Preview individual exercises by hovering over the exercise listing, and/or add them to the HEP by clicking on them. You can even save the HEP for future use if you’d like!
  3. Preview your HEP and make any customizations you need.
  4. Print the HEP for your patient, or create a PDF using the Print function and then email the PDF to your patient.

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