Four Reasons to Love HEP Builder

Four Reasons to Love HEP Builder
Here are a few of the many reasons you'll love HEP Builder!
  1. 100% Web-based. Unlike many other home exercise programs, HEP Builder is a simple web-based, stand-alone application. HEP Builder is easily accessible from any computer with a modern web browser.
  2. Unlimited FREE Usage. The full version of HEP Builder is 100% FREE to use, and includes FREE updates. There are absolutely no paywalls or limitations.
  3. Created by a PT/DPT. Doctor Jo, a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy, created HEP Builder because of her own frustrations with the other HEP building platforms on the market. She is also the model in all of the exercises and videos, so your patients will be seeing the exercises performed and explained by an actual Physical Therapist.
  4. Not Dependent on Billing or Management Systems. This makes HEP Builder an easy addition to any healthcare practice because there is no additional hardware or software required. There’s also no need to upgrade your patient tracking software or use some expensive proprietary billing system just so you can run HEP Builder. 

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