How to Create a PDF of a HEP to Email

If you’d like to email a HEP to a patient, first you must create a PDF of the HEP you’ve made. Then you can email that PDF to your patient using you own email account.

Follow these easy steps to create a PDF of your HEP.

1. Select the exercises for your HEP and click the “Preview Your HEP” button like you normally would.

2. Then at the top of the preview screen, click the “Print” icon (Image 1 below).

3. Once the print box opens up, there should be an option there that will allow you to save the HEP as a PDF instead of printing it. A lot of times this is in a drop down option called “Destination” (Image 2 below), or there may be a drop down option at the bottom called “PDF” (Image 3 below). The location and name of this option may vary based on your web browser and printer.

4. Select the appropriate option and save the PDF. We recommend saving it to your desktop so you can find it easily.

5. Finally create an email from your own email account, attach the PDF to the email, and send the email to your patient.

Image 1

Hep To PDF

Image 2

HEP to PDF 1

Image 3

HEP to PDF 2