Why Choose HEP Builder?

Sample HEP Document
Here are some of the many reasons our subscribers love using HEP Builder.

HEP Builder is FREE. Yes, you read that correctly. HEP Builder (and all of its features) are 100% FREE to use. There are no paywall limitations or upgrades to buy. Instead, HEP Builder is supported with ads and donations from our users.

HEP Builder was designed with simplicity in mind. One of the reasons Doctor Jo created HEP Builder was her growing frustration with many other home exercise programs that are overly complicated, expensive, and difficult to use. What she really needed was a simple-to-use program that built basic, high-quality HEPs in as little time as possible. Since she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she created it! And HEP Builder was born. Check out the demo videos to see how easy HEP Builder is to use.

HEP Builder utilizes simple visual, written, and spoken exercise demonstrations. As you know, patients often get confused with HEPs, and HEPs only work if patients actually use them. So Doctor Jo created easy to follow written descriptions for each exercise with clear photos of the exercise being performed. All exercises also have a video where Doctor Jo talks the patient through each exercise as she demonstrates it from start to finish. For patient convenience, HEPs can be printed and/or turned into a PDF to be emailed.

HEP Builder is a stand-alone, web-based software package. Unlike many other programs, HEP Builder is a simple web-based, stand-alone application. This makes it an easy addition to any healthcare practice because there is no additional hardware or software required. There’s also no need to use some expensive patient tracking software or proprietary billing system just so you can run HEP Builder. HEP Builder is easily accessible from any computer with a current web browser.

HEP Builder gives you access to the entire exercise library from day one. Since HEP Builder is FREE, there are no additional modules or extra software packages to buy. As soon as new exercises and features are added, you have immediate access to them.

HEP Builder will add exercises YOU request! To maintain the quality and integrity of HEP Builder, Doctor Jo creates the descriptions, photos and videos for each exercise it contains. But we realize you may have a special exercise (or two … or more!) that you’d like added to HEP Builder. If that’s the case, contact us with a description of the exercise, and if it’s right for the platform, we’ll add it to our shooting schedule.